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ACOM Solutions participates alongside distinguished software providers to develop the IFO 2014 AP Automation Study.

See the latest industry statistics, trends and challenges facing accounts payable and how AP Automation brings efficiencies to the forefront.

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» Download 2014 AP Automation

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Innovative Technology, Solution Performance, and Industry Expertise

Helping organizations eliminate manual processing to close the information gaps between their enterprise applications and the unmanaged processes and information needed to run their businesses. Affordable end -to–end solutions that work seamlessly with your business applications without the need for costly ERP modification.

ACOM Solutions, a complete family of integrated process, content management & payment software solutions. High Value solutions designed to work with any ERP, Financial and Business Applications:

Intelligent Data Capture

Accurately capture documents in any format, then sort paper and electronic documents based on their content, lift critical information based on its context, validate it; then seamlessly pass it to your core business applications


Accounts Payable Automation

Powerful solutions that enable organizations to push the boundaries of Accounts Payable Automation to gain them more productivity, efficiency, and control over their approval flow and financial processing


Financial and Business Workflow Automation

Automating manual processing with capture, routing, and workflow approval to eliminate manual steps, increase processing speeds, and significantly improve your bottom line


Document and Enterprise Content Management

Gain control of the huge volume and complexity of paper documents in the workplace by automatically classifying documents, extracting data & providing instant access to manageable electronic information with complete audit trails


Payment Processing

Efficiency, Visibility and Control over your entire disbursement, remittance and electronic payment processing – to reduce operating and improve security. Intelligent tools to manage payment output from one central place accurately, efficiently and profitably


EDI Integration

The most comprehensive, adaptable and cost effective EDI solution with everything your business needs for EDI Compliance that’s easy to use, scalable as you grow ... and all without the high cost of competitive products


Contact your ACOM Specialist for a no-cost comprehensive analysis of your current document and business processing needs.
Whether you’re on an IBMi or Windows based platform, we’ll show you how we can help you improve the efficiency and productivity required to make a real impact on your bottom line performance!


News and Announcements

ACOM Solutions participates alongside distinguished software providers to develop the IFO 2014 AP Automation Study.

See the latest industry statistics, trends and challenges facing accounts payable and how AP Automation brings efficiencies to the forefront.

» Download 2014 AP Automation
   Press Release

» Download 2014 AP Automation

» See AP Automation in action

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Intelligent Accounts Payable Automation

How long does it take for your AP department to process an invoice?

How many steps are in each approval process?

How long does it take to respond to customer inquiries?



Capture & Extract

Verifty & Manage






+ 70% Faster

Receive & Enter Invoices Up To 70% Faster

60% Savings

Reduce Invoice Processing Costs 60% and More

Eliminate manual paper-intensive steps by automating your entire AP processing cycle – affordably and without the need of costly ERP modification.

ACOM Accounts Payable Automation streamlines the process of verifying, entering invoices and obtaining approval with intelligent capture, paperless processing, workflow approval and secure archival — helping your company increase processing speeds, reduce costs and improve bottom-line performance.

With ACOM Accounts Payable Automation scanned or electronic vendor invoices are automatically captured in any format. The solution then finds and extracts the important information and validates it according to a pre-defined set of rules, then enters it into an electronic workflow for approval moments after receipt — making nearly all manual entry unnecessary.

Data capture increases accuracy regardless of invoice type or format Paperless processing cuts costs & eliminates routine manual tasks ERP independent workflow moves approval processing from days to hours
Greater end-to-end visibility & control of spend and cash flow Fast access to invoices & related information anywhere, anytime Increases customer service/support response & your competitive edge

Push the boundaries of Accounts Payable Automation & Maximize your ERP Investment

Gain more end-to-end productivity, efficiency, and control over your invoice processing

Manage the entire AP cycle enterprise-wide.  ACOM EZCM

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Capture, Manage, Workflow Process and Store all of your vital business information in one Content Management Solution for your Entire Enterprise

As the core component of ACOM’s process and content management framework, EZContentManager enables organizations to meet the ongoing challenge of managing documents and information with greater speed, efficiency and accuracy. The EZCM management engine combines enterprise content, storage and security features with automated workflow and process management capabilities.

Business users gain immediate control of the huge volume and complexity of paper documents in the workplace by automatically classifying documents routing through workflow approval -­ transforming paper into manageable, electronic information, and generating clear audit trails.

ACOM solves the problems companies face dealing with disorganized information, and manual business processing, giving them the precise documents and content they need right in front of them, wherever they are to:

  • Make Better Decisions Faster
  • Become More Responsive to Customers
  • Maximize Use of Resources
  • Minimize Risk and Meet Compliance Initiatives
  • Improve the Bottom Line and Gain Market Share


Powerful OCR - Intelligently Recognize the Content within Documents

Automatically capture documents and information regardless of form or format, directly from your business documents and images! Process the information through the appropriate workflow... based upon its content.

Streamline Work?ow – Putting Your Content in Motion

Intelligently automate and route documents within the organization for better control and faster processing - efficiently share workloads, reduce processing costs and minimize errors.

Check-in/Check-out and Version Control

Track modifications to business-critical documents, when they were made and by whom. Audit and Compliance-ready, as the system maintains documents always in their proper version.

Control Storage and Access of All Your Business Information in a Secure Central Repository

Securely access the right information in the right application, as all documents are stored in their native formats. Manage who has access to what information and what they can do with it… individually and right down to the document level.

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EDI: Exchange transactions in minutes instead of days or weeks of postal waiting time

Regardless of advances in XML and Web Services, EDI still remains the dominant standard for data exchange between companies, organizations their vendors and customers.  As markets continue to become more competitive, more businesses are turning to EDI as a proven way to keep pace and cut costs.

Automate paper-based tasks - boost staff
productivity & reduce costs

Speed up business cycles by over 60%

Improve data quality and deliver 30-60%
reduction in transaction errors

ACOM’s EZConnect is a one‐stop EDI platform with everything your business needs for EDI Compliance at any business size that’s easy to use, scalable as you grow.

Designed for full compatibility with most backend systems, ACOM EZConnect EDI integrates with ERP’s, warehouse management, accounting and other business system software.

  • Any Format, Every Time: Processes virtually any file format and data volume - EDI, XML, delimited and fixed length, including any-to-any or direct SQL integration with ODBC-compliant data sources.
  • Mapping in Real Time: Map your data from ongoing transactions right on the fly, with the ability to view results in real time. No need go through the compiling and retesting approach of other systems.
  • Completely Searchable: Finding specific transactions are easy. Everything is searchable with an almost endless set of criteria.

Lower transaction costs by 35% and more

Reduce or eliminate your costs for printing, reproduction, storage, filing, postage and document retrieval when you move to EZConnect EDI.

Learn why more organizations choose EZConnect EDI over competitive products today.

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IBM i - AS/400 Forms Output Solution: Create, Distribute, Manage, and Store

Design & print your own invoices, purchase orders, checks, packing slips, statements, and other important documents. Greatly improve document design efficiency/flexibility and create a single Enterprise Document Output Format stored "Native on the iSeries" that can be easily Laser Printed, Faxed, e-Mailed or output as a PDF File.

With EZeDocs/400, you can produce and distribute laser-quality invoices, purchase orders, reports, forms, barcode labels and other business documents… on-demand as required, when required… in full-color! (View Sample Form)

  • Enhance your company’s image with professional quality, full-color documents.
  • Eliminate expensive preprinted forms, as well as their management and warehousing.
  • Reduce labor cost originating from manual form loading, separation and splitting of documents.
  • Cut postage and document delivery costs while improving response times.
  • Gain total control over your output, based on rules and conditions you create.
  • Find and access your documents anytime, anywhere, with web-based electronic document management. » Read More


EZPaySuite/400 Payment Management

IBM i (AS/400) MICR Check Printing, Electronic ACH Payments, and much more.

The EZPaySuite/400 software suite is a modular turnkey system that provides all the components necessary for secure payment processing:

  • Create electronic check templates – automatically merge these templates with data from your existing financial/ERP/Legacy system when you are ready to print.
  • Print checks – from any MICR laser printer on your network.
  • Send electronic payments – via the Automated Clearing House network.
  • Send electronic payment details – as PDF attachments via email or fax.
  • Avoid check fraud – create positive pay files according to your financial institution’s specifications.
  • Electronically archive your payments & details – for paperless storage and easy retrieval.

Pre-printed checks are replaced with secure electronic templates, providing you with the ultimate security, savings, and control. Print checks and/or send electronic payments in one payment run!

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ACH Payment and Automated Vendor Enlistment Functionality

  • Trying to get vendors to accept ACH payment instead of paper checks?
  • Looking for a more cost-effective and secure method of sending payments?
  • Considering adding ACH capabilities, but worrying about the custom programming required?
  • Wondering how you’re going to enlist vendors to move to ACH payments?

ACOM has the answer: EZPaySuite's ACH Payment

ACH is add-on functionality of EZPaySuite… and it integrates seamlessly with your existing accounting/ERP system, without any custom programming! EZPS-ACH makes the process of adding ACH payment and vendor enlistment capability to your current financial applications … efficiently, securely & it’s easy to implement.

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One Unified Payment Software Platform to Leverage Your ERP System, Reduce Costs and Save Resources

Fully integrated with any ERP system, ACOM’s EZPaySuite provides intelligent tools, giving users the ability to manage payment output from one central place. Create, automate, change and control any type of payment process simply, securely… and without the need for costly modification to ERP systems or related financial programs.

With EZPaySuite, immediately increase ePayment adoption rates; eliminate the manual, multi-step and time-consuming ACH enrollment challenge with every vendor; convert paper-based vendor payments to electronic ACH automatically; trigger, track and finalize enrollment directly from EZPaySuite to take advantage of the saving through each transaction:

  • Rapid ROI, with savings of over $2.00 per transaction
  • Lower operating costs, reduce payment risk & eliminate paper
  • Increase the capture rate for supplier discounts
  • Improve controls over spend monitoring

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Secure Corporate Payment Solution - ACH and Check Printing

Payment software solutions from ACOM help businesses transition their corporate payments from checks to electronic ACH payments (ePayments).  We provide you with a single payment platform that can support both check printing as well as electronic ACH payments while making it easy to manage and facilitate the movement of vendors to ePayments.

Our modular solution provides a clear path for your organization to transition from a labor-intensive paper-based payment disbursement process to a more automated and cost-effective electronic payment solution. ACOM's payment software solutions have become a trusted part of many organizations payment strategies for Accounts Payable, Payroll, Claims, T & E and many other disbursement operations.

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High Security MICR Printers from ACOM

Securely print business checks (A/P, payroll, claims, etc.) in your office or remotely, on-demand at a much lower costs than pre-printed checks. ACOM offers an exclusive MICR guarantee that covers our printer; our MICR toner and safety check stock.  One provider, one source for all your check printing needs

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