AP Automation
How does your company handle Accounts Payable? If any part of the process is manual or paper-based, spend is outpacing speed. The solution? Accounts payable automation that pushes the boundaries of traditional processes to deliver an integrated, streamlined and universal solution. True AP automation starts with an eye for efficiency: How long does it take your AP department to process an invoice, and how many steps are involved? Next is mobility: Can you approve payment from mobile devices and desktops? Are customers kept waiting while you track down AP data? Accounts payable automation means hard costs savings for your company — $200000 to $500000 in the first four years — and an AP cycle that makes sense, both now and as your company grows.
Enterprise Content Management
Where does your content live? On hard drives, local servers and paper documents? Do you have the ability to manage complexity, conversion and access across department silos? Enterprise content management solutions help you gain control and go beyond just storage and retrieval so you can classify documents, extract data and intelligently launch them through the appropriate portal. For employees, enterprise content management means access anytime, anywhere; for companies it means improved security, audit trails and automated workflow that streamlines day-to-day operations.
Payment Solutions
Do you control payments, or are they dominating company time? Are you stuck choosing between costly ERP modification and decentralized processing to manage disbursement and remittance? Time to find a better way. Instead of scrambling to keep track of payments and processes, take control with payment solutions that fully integrate with any ERP out of the box and let you change, automate or create new processes on demand. Increased vendor access means payees can manage their own accounts, while enhanced check fraud helps reduce liability. Collaboration, management and compliance are hallmarks here: The result is improved security and reduced operating cost. Your payments; your rules.
EDI Software
Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) communications are industry standard — from enterprise leader to promising startup, you need a seamless EDI system to handle, process and integrate data. And the ideal EDI software will scale along with your company, making it easy to manage one or 100 trading partners. By automating data flows from internal processes and external messages, EDI solutions ensure compliance at every stage of communication — making it easy to collaborate, automate and notify trading partners. Pay as you grow to maximize efficiency without diminishing returns.

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