AP Automation Overview

Automated Accounts Payable Document Management Software

Consolidating documents saves time, effort, money, space

Buried under a mountain of paper?

Accounts payable is a function that involves a lot of documents – from requisitions to purchase orders to bills of lading to approved invoices to settlements – whether electronic or by check. All of these documents ultimately have to be joined in a single folder. Over time a mountain of paper accrues, with battalions of file cabinets positioned about the enterprise.

  • Production and management of paper documents is labor intensive
  • Risk of lost documents is ever-present
  • Document searches, such as payment verifications, can be clumsy, time-consuming
  • Litigation research is a nightmare (particularly if documents are missing)
  • Search flexibility is nonexistent

Electronic management brings documents under control

ACOM’s EZContentManager lets you get rid of file cabinets forever. But there’s a lot more to it than that. It brings documents of all kinds from wherever they’re currently situated, into a single, centralized corporate repository.

  • Scanned documents are filed electronically, and automatically linked with associated documentation
  • System-generated documents are captured automatically
  • Scanned or captured, all documents are indexed automatically
  • Retrieve documents under metadata or full-text search with just a few keystrokes
  • Electronic document recovery, delivery, right from the desktop
  • View documents in a new window without leaving you’re current application
  • Easy set-up, management of document retention program

ACOM transforms your AP process, fast

Bringing our highly efficient storage, management and archiving solution into your Accounts Payable scheme helps you:

  • Enhance vendor/customer service immediately
  • Centralize document circulation, collaboration capabilities
  • Dramatically reduce document management costs
  • Dramatically reduce equipment, space requirements
  • Eliminate costly, time-consuming document searches
  • Respond to vendor queries easily, in real time

Making the transition is easy

ACOM makes it easy to transition to an electronic document storage environment

  • No custom programming is required
  • Modular architecture enables you to automate the entire AP process, or address just one phase at a time

Integrate your entire Purchase-to-Pay process automatically

Learn how ACOM’s Integrated Document Management Suite integrates:

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