Document Management System Overview

Document Management- Full Text Search and Retrieval of Stored Documents

Documents can be searched and retrieved directly onto the desktop for viewing, modification or distribution, as needed, using only a browser.

EZContentManager does a full-text search of all files that are text searchable. You can also search via Metadata or "indices" that are set up by document type. This allows you to look for specific key words that you have set-up for each document in the repository.

Users can also set-up "filters" that will allow them to search for documents that are retrieved on a regular basis, so that the search criteria doesn’t have to be populated every time.

  • Hot-key and Application Integrated Buttons - find documents without leaving the application you ’re working in.
  • File Content Search – supports most document formats (MS Office, Text, HTML, PDF, WordPerfect, etc.) providing realtime full content indexing. Handling large document searches by providing content context sentence preview and image preview.
  • Metadata Search – search by document type, classifications, keywords, authors, date range and many more.
  • User Search – allows user to find any other user on the system.
  • Web Service API - to allow EZCM’s repository to be searched and documents to be retrieved programmatically from other applications such as Customer Portals.



  • Save countless hours spent by employees searching for lost documents and files
  • Improve customer service response times
  • Eliminate time wasted re-creating lost documents

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