EDI Software Overview

EZConnect EDI Solution

Whether your industry partners demand compliance with EDI, XML, or another structured data format, ACOM’s EZConnect and its related modules are all you need.

  • Fully compliant with your trading partners' EDI requirements
  • Works with customers and suppliers alike
  • Supports most EDI standards, XML, and EDIFACT
  • Integrates with any business application from Infor, Oracle, SAP and others
  • Comes with all the features you would expect from EDI software, plus more


EDI/XML translation and transformation:EZConnect is compliant with EDI and EDIFACT standards including X12 to DTD and XSD schema requirements. It will transform any format into any other format including EDI-to-XML, EDI-to-DB and EDI-to-Flat File (text).


Legacy EDI Replacement Program: Save time and money - replace old EDI mapping and translating software.


EDI Mapping: EZConnect includes a drag-n-drop mapper for transforming one data format into another data format. Using the mouse, you drag your source data element over the top of the target data element and release. Within a map you can interrogate the EDI data elements for specific content and apply business rules based on what is found.

Trading Partner Management:  EZConnect keeps track of the attributes that differ from one trading partner to the next including contact information, EDI processing profiles and communication profiles.


Communications: Transport EDI files to/from your trading partners via FTP/s, HTTP/s or AS2.

ACOM VAN: We provide optional VAN services, the basics that you need at a very reasonable price. Includes Trading Partner setup, secure file storage and transfer, interconnect with other VAN services. The standard method of transport is secure FTP. AS2 can be used as well.


EDI Integration: EZConnect will integrate EDI and XML data with any ERP and MRP system, including Epicor, Infor, Oracle and SAP. It also supports the unique requirements found in most “home grown” applications.


Advanced EDI/XML Capabilities:

EZConnect has all the features you would expect from EDI software and more. These features set us apart and are ideal for technically savvy users:

  • C-sharp Coding – write functions and procedures using C-sharp right inside EZConnect.
  • SQL Coding – write SQL commands for querying and modifying database tables
  • Look Ahead Function – read a record in advance and perform routines based on the contents of that record.
  • Multiple Outputs – create multiple outputs with one pass of a file.
  • EDI Viewer – takes raw EDI data and displays it in a spreadsheet format.



Full Automation

•  Unattended 24x7x365 Operation
•  Self-Monitoring Option with Automatic Notification & Alerts

Direct Integration

•  Database-to-Database, EDI, Flat File, XML, EDIFACT

Advanced EDI Translation  

•  Any-to-Any, EDI-to-XML , EDI-to-DB, EDI-to-Flat File, EDIFACT-to-DB, and EDIFACT-and Flat file (text/csv)

Flexible Communication

•  Internet EDI (AS2), FTP/s, VANs, Web Forms

Business Process Management

•  Data Validation
•  Advanced Business Rules
•  Multiple Database Connections
•  Complete auditing, tracking, and reporting
•  Dynamic Document Database

Trading Partner Management

•  Auto Configuration for New Partners
•  One Map Multiple Partners Support
•  Broadcast Feature
•  Alerts & Notification by partner or by document


EZConnect is fully extendible, scalable and flexible, so that no matter how big or small your eCommerce system needs to be, EZConnect will satisfy your requirements.

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EDI Integration Capabilities
EZConnect processes EDI, EDIFACT and XML data directly to database tables and columns. This allows systems to be configured for "real time" performance as data is processed by application. This solution is superior to intermediary data files that require batch loading or sequential processing. Users are not required to know SQL or a programming language to set up EZConnect.

Auto Configure
EZConnect can accept an EDI document from a potential trading partner, parse the data and map it to establish a trading partner relationship without user intervention. If a trading partner changes a document, the document tables are automatically updated.

Incomplete or Inaccurate Data
Incomplete or inaccurate transaction data is managed by exception, not file rejection. EZConnect EDI software receives the inbound file, identifies it as an exception in the document screen and stages it for correction and processing.

Extendible EDI Software
Users may add pre- and post-processing operations through the user interface that are automatically added to their report and processing menus.

Implementation Guides
EZConnect EDI software has a built-in implementation tool that produces "publication quality" documentation without the need to move the file into a word-processing application for creation.

Reporting Capabilities
EZConnect automatically captures and displays comprehensive reports of all activity (normal and errors). The user can define the audit and tracking criteria. The message control feature allows the monitoring of all traffic into and out of the EZConnect system, preventing errors from cascading throughout the business cycle.

Report Writing
EZConnect can be queried online to generate a report of all EDI transactions at any point in the cycle. Management reports can be created using Crystal Reports or any third-party report writer.

EZConnect is designed for multi-user environments. It features robust security, security that is customized and managed by the user to four levels based on each user's needs and requirements. Each user profile control what features and functions the user can access within the system. It separates query and reporting data management functions from configuration and setup activities for database integrity.

EDI Standards
EZConnect is compliant with EDI standards, EDI VAN, X12, and EDIFACT. EZConnect also supports several XML repositories including BIZTALK and eb/XML and many other XML formats.

Professional EDI Services
ACOM's team of EDI service professionals prides itself on a "partnership attitude" smoothing out any bumps in insuring that your EDI software implementation will go as smooth as it possibly can. Whether you need to add one trading partner or need to deploy a whole new eBusiness initiative, our dedicated professional services staff is here to help. We have one of the most experienced professional services staff in the industry. We can provide our services on-site or remotely over the Internet based on your needs and requirements .

Optional and very cost effective VAN Services

Trading Partner Management Tool
EZConnect Trading Partner Management allows for the management of all your trading partners' information in one easy-to-use interface. Each trading partner profile contains the trading partner information, communication preferences, documents to be exchanged, and customizable alerts and notifications via automated emails.

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