ACOM is proud to be a partner with HarrisData

HarrisData and ACOM have identified the need to provide clients with secure MICR check printing solutions.

ACOM's iSeries (AS/400) Software Solutions -- EZeDocs/400 and EZPayManager/400 -- complement HarrisData systems by eliminating multiple pre-printed check stock. Customers can now print checks with their company logo, bank account information, and signatures(s) in a single pass, on blank security check stock. ACOM’s MICR-engineered laser printers improve the security of the process! The combined HarrisData/ACOM system for check processing, provides a secure, efficient, cost-effective way to print checks, hassle free!

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EZeDocs/400 eForms Module
EZeDocs/400 eLabels Module
EZeDocs/400 PDF Module
EZeDocs/400 Fax Module
EZeDocs/400 eMail Module
EZeDocs/400 Archive Module
EZPayManager/400 Laser Checks Module
EZPayManager/400 ACH Module
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