MICR Printers


High Security MICR Printers from ACOM

Securely print business checks (A/P, payroll, claims, etc.) in your office or remotely, on-demand at a much lower costs than pre-printed checks.

ACOM offers an exclusive MICR guarantee that covers our printer, our MICR toner and safety check stock. One provider, one source for all your check printing needs.

4510N 4510N

ACOM MICR Enhanced Printers - Xerox

ACOM Secure Certified MICR Printers


Better by design:

  • Tested and certified to meet ABA and ANSI MICR printing standards
  • Provide an array of security features for the prevention of check-fraud
  • Guaranteed MICR printing performance and satisfaction


ACOM MICR-enhances Office/Network Laser Printers, ranging in printing speeds of 30 pages per minute (ppm) to 45 ppm. We have reengineered printers from Xerox and provide our own brand of MICR printers, both designed to meet rigorous quality and security requirements.


What is MICR Printing? (pdf) Answers to 10 of the most frequently asked questions about MICR Laser Check Printing

“We’ve solved the check mailing problem and we no longer have 40 or 50 checks returned to us each month.  We have a great ROI and we have a strong, stable accounts payable and payroll check production solution in place that will serve us well for many years.”

Matt R.
Software Dev. Manager
San Joaquin County (Calif.) Office of Education


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