iSeries AS/400 Integration

For more than 32 years, ACOM has developed solutions that improve the design format, output and distribution of IBM i business documents. Today, ACOM IBM i/AS400 solutions are used by more than 2,500 sites globally for IBM i native forms creation, check and document production output, payment processing and enterprise content management.

IBM i – AS/400 Forms Output Solution: Create, Distribute, Manage, and Store

Design & print your own invoices, purchase orders, checks, packing slips, statements, and other important documents. Greatly improve document design efficiency/flexibility and create a single Enterprise Document Output Format stored “Native on the iSeries” that can be easily Laser Printed, Faxed, e-Mailed or output as a PDF File.

With EZeDocs/400, you can produce and distribute laser-quality invoices, purchase orders, reports, forms, barcode labels and other business documents… on-demand as required, when required… in full-color! 
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EZeDocs/400 is Practical and Simple

Using EZDesignerPro you have the industry’s most versatile and easy to use GUI design tool for check and forms design/spool file mapping utility, there is simply no better tool available to simplify the creation and maintenance of your forms.

Because it’s modular, it can grow with the changing needs of any organization. Pick and choose the components you need, add more when you need them.


  • Enhance your company’s image with professional quality, full-color documents.
  • Eliminate expensive pre-printed forms, as well as their management and warehousing.
  • Reduce labor cost originating from manual form loading, separation and splitting of documents.
  • Cut postage and document delivery costs while improving response times.
  • Easily make changes to forms such as addresses, phone numbers, personnel and logos.
  • Gain total control over your output, based on rules and conditions you create.
  • Find and access your documents anytime, anywhere, with web-based electronic document management.

Document Delivery

EZeDocs/400 automates the exchange of critical business documents between customers, business partners, and suppliers. Documents can be delivered to their intended recipient using one or all of the following:

Laser Print Documents  – EZeDocs/400 intelligently merges data from your current applications with your own form designs to deliver full-color documents.

Email Document Delivery – Email full-color documents to recipients and realize substantial cost reductions.

Fax Document Delivery – Fax documents on a per document basis, dynamically and automatically, at run time.

Store Documents – All documents processed through EZeDocs/400 can be automatically captured, stored, and indexed in ACOM’s secure web-based document management and archiving solution.

Now essential business applications can deliver laser quality invoices, purchase orders, reports, checks, forms and other business documents directly to a laser printer, fax output or email system. 

EZDesigner Pro Document Design Software

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